Friday, January 23, 2009

Tyre Swans + foxes

There is something incredibly enjoyable about house shows.
Who needs pissed off security guards and drunk fucks when you have the welcoming hospitality of dear friends?
If you missed this show at the vegan house, you should know you missed an epic cover of Pints of Guinness Make You Strong on a banjo.....that's right, a god damned banjo.


still can't believe the guy i did chemistry honours with is now a guitar tapping maniac in one of the best bands to come out of canberra in a long while....also can't believe he is gettin married in march! Congrats Toby!

I missed two bands i think due to me scoring freee couches. i'll put in a better effort next time. Thanks go to morgan for not ripping my head off when i spilled a bottle of water on his vinyl collection. Sorry man!!! I LOVE U.


  1. the photos look great joe! :D i dig the last one..makes it look very epic

  2. Thanks dude=) Yeah-The sky wasn't ACTUALLY purple=) but it makes for a nice photo. Xx