Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...every fond memory of childhood that i know....

I always find it weird that when I am taking photos, I hardly ever realise my motivations for doing so at the time. Yet, when I see the images weeks or even months later, my reasons for documenting that particular scene and moment in time are suddenly clear. I guess it's one of my favourite things about photography.

I stumbled across these images after an unknown period of them collecting dust in my hard drive and immediately remembered where I was when I took them, what I was feeling that night, and for the first time understood why I felt like getting my camera out that night.

Next to the skate park where I hang most days, there is basketball ring and a small slab of concrete on which to which to play. I realise now that I was interested to see a group of dudes my age that shared something in common and was bringing them together. We were both drawn to the same place by a love of completely different activities, yet that had most probably been a constant in all of our lives since we were kids.

Riding my BMX bike has kept me going through the isolation of being a teenager, eventually led me to this city and to a group of some of some of the best friends I have ever had. I guess I just wanted to capture a group of guys who had gotten to the same place, but had follwed a different path.

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