Sunday, November 8, 2009


Had just realised that me eating pancakes for breakfast/just generally being half arsed had caused me to totally miss the gay and lesbian rights rally I had planned to shoot, when I ran into some friends on their way to a fixed gear race.

After almost killing myself trying to keep up with them on my BMX on the way to the event, what I found was not so much a "race", as a good excuse to drink beer in the sun and have some fun riding bikes with friends while hopefully meeting some new ones.

Big thanks to the organisers of this event. I definitely had a good time, and judging by the globally exploding popularity of this form of bicycle riding, I can only hope to see about 10 times more dudes there next time with kombies and eskies full of beer looking for a good time. Hell, maybe we can even field a couple of polo teams?


  1. Super photos Joe! Thanks for coming along. See you next time, I hope :D

    Steven Caffeine

  2. Thanks steve,

    And thanks so much for organising! I'll defintely be at the next one with my fixy and some more friends i hope.

    Peace and let me know when the next date is set.


  3. Hey I recognise that kombi - some mates of mine put on the race, they'd love to see these pics if they haven't already!

  4. Dude! That is such a good kombi! I get green with envy every time is see it driving around =)

    Thanks for saying hi and for being a creative force within this city. I'll definitely be perusing your uninvited opinions more thoroughly when university isn't so overwhelmingly hectic.

    Totally send your friends a link! I couldn't see any contact on their tumblr, but as a general rule, those things confuse the shit out of me.