Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here's Looking At You Kid

These are some 35mm prints from a point-n-shoot HANIMEX 35D that my girl George got me right after we started seeing each other, about 2 years now I guess.

I have been slowing using up the one roll of film that was in there when she gave it to me the whole time.

It was pretty overwhelming to see images that I didn't even remember taking, and have the associated memories flood back into my mind all at once. It also had a way of condensing the slow meanderings of the last two years of my life into one envelope of prints, simultaneously crystallizing within my mind the changes in myself, or lack thereof, just as rapidly. I would recommend a similar exercise to any one who feels in need of a little self reflection.

Please enjoy the images below, and while your at it, click on over to this amazing Zine created by the girl who is their principle subject. Then grab one before they are all gone!


*George photo.

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