Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even Columbus looks better on the back seat of a bike
and all my fears get washed away in a stream of blinking lights

My good pal Dossi was kind enough to send me this photo I took on his 35mm.

It's of my buddy Mal shredding the gnar on his 20" bicycle, down in ol' weston creek.

I have never really felt comfortable taking action shots of this pastime I have invested so much of my life in, the images on my LCD screen never seemed to approach the sort of accurate representation of life that I look for in photographs. Riding BMX is such an indescribable, fluid experience for me. I can't really imagine my life without it. Every time I have tried to capture it with my camera in the past, I realised I was incapable of doing so.

I really liked this photo however, shooting on film seems to have given me an abstracted perspective, as if my knowledge of it's slow chemical development made me consider much more carefully my vantage point. It's the first time I feel I have come close to capturing that ephemeral feeling that makes me love these little bikes so fucking much. Its a good feeling, and I hope to experience it again soon.

That being said, the summer is comming, and I'm gonna hand this fucking thesis in and do my best to get on the other side of that lens as much as humanely possible.

Peace, and live for fun!