Friday, November 26, 2010

A man with no country
(is empty inside)

Was procrastinating on my favourite photography site when I found this amazing set of documentaries. Go and treat yourself to this series of superbly produced short films about sustainable, alternative living, or at least the some of the music created by the people who are their subject. Got me so excited to try and start up the same sort of thing here (minus the road kill eating perhaps). I just moved house, and not physically being in the same place as some of your best friends can really show you how easily they can slip away. I don't want to fade into the mortgage enforced confinement and mediocrity that haunts the rest of society. The sense of community I have with my friends right now is honestly the best thing I have ever had in my life or can imagine having again. Don't see why we can't keep doing this till we get old ;)

Eliya makes amazing pictures

My feet are so haggard........

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