Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sovereignty was never ceded:
the 40th anniversary of the Aborigional Tent Embassy

I hope these images speak for what a truly joyous celebration of indigenous culture that was the 40th anniversary of the tent embassy here in Canberra. I don't really want to go into depth about the gross misrepresentation of the truth portrayed by mainstream media of the events that transpired later that day. If you are interested, you can read an excellent independent analysis of the events that transpired here and here. Suffice to say I hope you are a free enough thinker to realise that they were, in all likelihood, a deliberate ploy instigated by an insidious politician to eclipse the strength and pride shown by the indigenous people of this continent on the day. To detract from the fact that there is currently a death in custody rate of indigenous Australians that exceeds even that within South Africa under the apartheid regime, and that to this day, the policies of successive Australian governments continue to resemble those of an occupying colonial ruler.

Long live the indegenous homelands, and long live the indigenous activists who will not keep fighting until their sovereignty is finally recognised, and there human rights of self determination are restored.

"Close the Gap is a bunch of crap! That is why we take it back!"

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