Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I met this guy, he was fair enough,
said; "why you white fellas got so much stuff?"

The nice gents from Hoodlum Shouts are kickin off their East coast tour at Transit Bar tonight.

This sure to be awesomely kick ass set of shows is to commemorate the launch of their LP; Young Man Old Man, whose cover features an image or two I put up here a while back. I can only reiterate how stoked I am to have my photography associated with a band of this calibre.
If you can make it to one of their shows in the coming weeks when they come to your town, I can only strongly recommend you do so, and if you live in my town, I can only say I better see your ass for a pint and a hell of a good time tonight!

Holy fuck, what a good record............

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