Saturday, March 5, 2011


-Yolande Norris Photo

On next week!!!

Between my new haven of addiction, Lonsdale st Roasters, the Red Herring cafe and this-possibly the most awesome thing to happen to Canberra since Weston skate park was built- it seems there are allot of exciting developments going down recently in my city.

The above is the result of much hard work and determination of one Yolande Norris, David Finnigan and many others. Click on over here or pick up a copy of this weeks BMA mag to get a full run down on the cavalcade of artistic radical that will become Canberra in the coming 10 days, not least of which is my lovely lady George creating an evolving stop motion animation on each an every god dang one of them.

I just hope I can get enough of this thesis done between then and now to get out and enjoy/document as much of the ensuing wildness as I can, and hell, maybe even throw some of the gajillion photos currently burning a hole in my hard drive up here to make room for the new ones...

So if you live in my city, catch up on sleep, cancel other plans and get ready to immerse yourself in the ensuing onslaught of culture that is gonna be washing over your front steps. For a change, you don't even have to drive to Sydney or Melbourne to experience it, you're already fucking here!



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