Sunday, October 23, 2011

So long, lonesome...

Hey! For anyone who still checks this thing, sorry its been such a long hiatus between posts. I had this PhD thesis to finish and stuff took way longer than I thought it would. This is a photo of some Jerusalem artichoke flowers I picked for a girl I loved, before I started sleeping in one hour shifts at a time and my sanity and life I once had started crumbling around me. To be honest, it still feels like I'm sort of recovering. The stress and pressure of putting so much of your life into one document and submitting it for criticism really took its toll on me and sadly, some people I loved dearly. I was still shooting intermittently though the whole fucked up, sleep deprived process, so there is a huge backlog of photos to put up here, but please bear with me if it takes a while for me to do so. Some images were taken so long ago that I have lost track of the emotions I connected to them when they were created and as such, are hard to frame in a creative context I would feel happy presenting, while some remind of such emotions so vividly, I think it may be simply too painful for me to work on them for a long while.


  1. Beautiful Joe! Cant wait to see them! xx Embones

  2. Thanks Embones ;) I can't wait to see you guys! X